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Stephanie Izard @ the 61st Street Farmer's Market

Believe it or not, there are chickens at our Farmer's Market.  The kids love them.
The 61st Street Farmer’s Market had a genuine celebrity in our midst today. Top Chef winner & Chicagoan extraordinaire Stepanie Izard came to the 61st Street Farmer’s Market today for a cooking demonstration with the kids from Common Threads. Not only was her offering delicious, (jazzed up sloppy joes) but it brought a little buzz... Read more »

Foreclosure Follies

It is so difficult to write this. Baring a vast amount of money dropping out of the sky or a good paying job, I should be in foreclosure by the end of the summer. Like thousands of other homeowners who are either unemployed or are finding out their trial modifications weren’t accepted, I received a... Read more »

London Bridge

This post was originally published on September 6, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 When I think of the children’s song “London Bridge is Falling Down” I tend to think of our back porches. To put it mildly, our porches are a Lincoln Park tragedy waiting to happen. For those of your not in... Read more »

It Can Never Be Easy

The inevitable happened. I just received a phone call from my career counselor telling me that the WIA program at my location is out of funds. Apparently a new period starts at the end of June, but knowing my luck, the federal government either won’t fund the program or some other nightmare scenario will arise.... Read more »

Back On Track---Fight The Power, Part II

This post was originally published on August 29th, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Our association budget seemed like the pretty standard condo budget. Water bills here, gas bill there—that type of thing. Yet upon closer inspection it seemed like a few line items were out of hand. The number one item that caught... Read more »

The Farmer In The Hood, Part Deux

It’s almost vegetable growing time! Gardener orientation for the Jackson Park Urban Farm was last Saturday.  While the 1/2 acre farm was beautiful as usual, significant changes greeted the new and returning gardeners.

The Cheerful Mother's Day Post

Just so you don’t think I’m all “woe is me” and a “Debbie Downer” on Mother’s Day. Here’s a little Mother’s Day pick me up courtesy of Queen Latifah in the musical “Chicago.” It may be a little less traditional than your average Mother’s Day message but the premise still holds true.   When you’re good... Read more »

Motherless On Mother's Day

Today marks my 10th Mother’s Day without having a mother. She had a stroke the day before her birthday in December of 1999.  That caped off a year that started with the death of my father in January. The parental units in happier times My parent divorced when I was very young.  My father and... Read more »

It's Hard Out There For A (Non) PMP

Yes, gentle readers, there are storm clouds on the horizon. It’s not exactly looking good on the mortgage forbearance front.  Nonetheless I do have a touch of good news to report. Clearly what I’ve been doing to search for a job isn’t working.  Common sense dictates that I rethink my strategy and formulate a new... Read more »


According to a article, the average duration of unemployment is 30.2 weeks. That’s roughly 7 1/2 months. Frankly I think that’s estimate is a touch unrealistic—it takes much longer than 7 1/2 months to find a job in this market. Yet if it does take 7 1/2 months to find employment but the modified... Read more »