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Home Owning Ain't Easy---Welcome To My World

This post was originally published August 17, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 It’s not even noon in Chicago and I already want a drink. A big huge whopping make me forget all of my problems drink. This condo thing has got me in a tizzy. The amount of negligent work done by the... Read more »

Back In The Day

I had fun on the ChicagoNow radio program last Saturday.  Sarah Spain certainly did her research based on my ChicagoNow posts and was 100% prepared. I thought we had a good conversation but I could have stayed on for at least an hour with the stories I have to tell.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll be asked... Read more »

On The Radio

In case you missed my ChicagoNow/WGN 720 AM radio debut, here’s the link to the podcast. 

Eighth Circle

This little dust up happened at the Illinois Department of Human Services office on 63rd Street. Which ironically was the office that informed me that I made too much money (on [unemployment]( and had too few dependents to qualify for the LINK card. While I could tell many tales about this place, the one that... Read more »

ChicagoNow Radio

The good folks at ChicagoNow Radio invited me up for a chat tomorrow to talk about the blog. I truly don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into. I did promise several people that I’d refrain from profanities when discussing my developer, so things should be fairly tame. Nonetheless I’ll be talking about bad condominium... Read more »

Bad Tradition

Our little stretch of paradise is establishing a troubling tradition leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.  Last year a young man lost his life behind our building; this year my neighbor was robbed in front of it. Literally in front of his home at 8:00 PM on a Monday night. Ain’t that a bitch? From... Read more »


My condo association has been through hell over the past eight years. Crumbling back porches, special assessments, digging ourselves out a financial hole, multiple foreclosures—we’ve seen it all. Yet despite the drama and the infighting, we’ve managed to keep it together—barely. Still greater challenges loom ahead, obstacles that once again seem insurmountable.  Putting together a... Read more »


Never underestimate the power of positive bitching.  The parkway has been cleaned.  Note the before and after pictures.

The Sunny Side Of The Street

While fans and guests of the IHSA Class 4 Boys Basketball Regional at Mt. Carmel High School enjoyed stunning views of a state of the art urban campus; those of us on “other” side of the fence weren’t so lucky.  It’s bad enough people make your neighborhood their personal rubbish heap.  It’s even worse when an... Read more »


If you ever doubted that shoddy condo development is a problem, listen to this wonderful broadcast by WBEZ’s Ashley Gross. Since starting IHMD, I’ve heard from numerous people who are in or have been in the same boat with bad developers.   Everyone has a similar tale of woe. Unfortunately most of us discover too late that shoddy... Read more »