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You thought the election hurt relationships? Try telling people you don't do that damn Elf on the Shelf

Before you start chasing me with pitchforks and torches, let me just say this isn’t your typical, YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS or STOP DOING THIS post.  Aren’t there enough of those out there for like, 800 lifetimes? Emphatically I say it again, unless you are harming yourself or others are under duress because of what you... Read more »

Hey Are You Depressed Like Me? Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo Will Cheer You Right Up!

I am in a pumpkin pie pit of Hallmark Holiday movies.  They are terrible.  Yet I cry and cheer and soak it all in because right now we need all the cheer (manufactured though it may be) to get us through.  ALL THE HALLMARK MOVIES ON MY DVR PLEASE. I tend to watch when the... Read more »

How to Stay Happy Joyous and Free During the Holidays as a Sober Person

Because I’m an alcoholic and always will be, I would really like to be able to drink at these holiday parties I’m going to in the coming weeks. But what happens then?  I fall into the Christmas tree.  It’s happened. TWICE.  Two separate years yours truly fell drunkenly into the company Christmas tree.  It’s really... Read more »

5 Reasons to Fully Embrace the Holidays This Year

It would be easy to snarl and say, “Hey!  It’s November 3rd and Schmolidays stuff is up already?” as I have done every other year.  But not this year.  This year is altogether different.  Because this year, we have babies! Here are 5 reasons I’ve decided that this year, there will be so much damn... Read more »