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We are All in Recovery from Something

I think maybe we are all recovering from the moment we are born.  From the moment we are pushed from that warm, all enveloping, safe space out into this cold, hard world, we are recovering.  Finding our way.  Forging our path.  And the thing is, recovery never stops.  Hopefully. We are all in recovery from... Read more »

Can People Really Change?

People often say some sort of, “I can’t imagine you like that” comment to me when they learn about my past.  When they learn that I was a down and out, mean, hurt, terrified, awful drunk.  And even after I wasn’t, I was bitter and hard-hearted for a period of time.  I think that time... Read more »

Hoping for Just One More Day Sober

Well here we are.  12 years sober today and sometimes feeling exactly as unsure and scared as I did That First Year. I’m going to pause here and STRONGLY recommend reading that last link right there.  It tells the story of what happened when I first got sober that so many of you ask me... Read more »

Alcoholism: The Only Disease That Tells Me That I Don’t Have a Disease

It would be easy to think that I had this alcoholism thing licked.  I mean, look at me. I’ve got two beautiful baby twins, a husband who adores me (HE ADORES ME, DAMMIT) a great job, my relationships have healed in profound ways or gone by the wayside….it other words, the dust has settled (with... Read more »