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Tips for Gardening with Little Kids

We have a little yard (that my husband takes immaculate care of) and area for gardening (we all have our own special talents and gardening is not one of mine), so we’ve given our awesome Nanny Nikki (who does have a talent and love of gardening) and the kids free reign of all that grows... Read more »

To our Nanny on our 1-year Nanniversary

It’s officially been one year.  One year since you walked into our home and invaded every fiber of our life.  We’ve loved you from the start – as reflected in my first piece about you – but it’s grown deeper and wider. Stronger and faster. More protective and more personal. And with that love and appreciation... Read more »

You are Our People - An Ode to Our Magical Nanny

Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when we are up in the morning, ready to play play play, you swoop in with your magic bag and your gentle voice and your smile that lights up the whole block. We are sad to see Mommy and Daddy go, but we know we are absolutely safe with you... Read more »