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Can People Really Change?

People often say some sort of, “I can’t imagine you like that” comment to me when they learn about my past.  When they learn that I was a down and out, mean, hurt, terrified, awful drunk.  And even after I wasn’t, I was bitter and hard-hearted for a period of time.  I think that time... Read more »

All the Things I Would Miss

Being sober for a while, it gets a bit easier to rest on your laurels.  To think that you’ve got this thing licked and that you are just like everybody else. Normal.  Wife, mother, employee, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor. The thing is though, that can all disappear with just one drink.  While that seems... Read more »

On Sobriety after 13 years

October 4, 2001 is my sobriety date.  It took several attempts to get here and even more attempts to stay here.  And I’m still not done, for each day I get up and I make the decision that I still want to be sober and I do what’s necessary to stay that way. Back then... Read more »