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I Saw This Family at the Dollar Store

When you troll the dollar stores for years in search of paper plates and straws and cat toys and party favors and completely inedible foods, you never even walk down the toy aisle. Except when you are looking for your nephews and then you think LET’S JUST KEEP LIKING LIGHT UP STICKS FOREVER, can we... Read more »

In Defense of IVF

Some folks out there like to call our babies synthetic and unnatural.  Some folks out there want to take away the option to let people choose to do IVF as they think it’s immoral. Meet H.R. 586, the Sanctity of Human Life Act. Introduced by Republican Rep. Jody Hice from Georgia’s 10th district, the bill... Read more »

Into the Woods - Life Lessons, Infertility and Magic Beans

ONCE UPON A TIME.  You’re about to be inundated with images from Into the Woods because the movie is coming out soon. Into the Woods is about several different fairy tales meeting up in the woods and the havoc it causes along with life lessons about destruction, heroics, betrayal, family, love and loss. Every life lesson one... Read more »

Life after Infertility

Let’s say you were told you couldn’t have children. You were convinced it might not happen and you were open to adoption or other methods if it came to that.  But you had to try.  After being poked and prodded and hormoned up all over the place, you got pregnant.  And not just pregnant, but... Read more »

A Family Lives Here

We are not unlike the multitudes of families out there who enjoyed a Saturday in the snow and perhaps got a bit too excited at the prospect of babies touching feeling tasting snow for the very first time ever.  You see, when the world has told you no too often to count, and you keep saying YES, you celebrate... Read more »