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Stroking Your Scars

We all have scars. I have a small line at the bottom of my stomach from a last minute C-Section that birthed two beautiful babies a year ago.  I stroke that perfect scar often and reflect.  I relish this scar.  I remember exactly where I was and vaguely remember what happened.  I remember the pain... Read more »

Hoping for Just One More Day Sober

Well here we are.  12 years sober today and sometimes feeling exactly as unsure and scared as I did That First Year. I’m going to pause here and STRONGLY recommend reading that last link right there.  It tells the story of what happened when I first got sober that so many of you ask me... Read more »

Addicts Will Always Die

There are few things in life that you can count on for sure.  You can’t really count on your family and friends.  Just as addicts will always die, humans will always fail you.  Everyone does.  Plus they can’t read your mind and your inner most feelings and no matter how much you are connected with someone, if... Read more »

Screw You Candy Crush

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Like I haven’t done that enough, I do it every single day with all 18 of my other addictions.  Well, dammit, I am there.  I ADMIT I AM ADDICTED.  To this motherloving Candy Crush Saga nonsense! I don’t know who to credit for this photo as... Read more »

Alcoholism: The Only Disease That Tells Me That I Don’t Have a Disease

It would be easy to think that I had this alcoholism thing licked.  I mean, look at me. I’ve got two beautiful baby twins, a husband who adores me (HE ADORES ME, DAMMIT) a great job, my relationships have healed in profound ways or gone by the wayside….it other words, the dust has settled (with... Read more »