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Sesame Street Forever

There are few things as timeless as Sesame Street. Few things we can say, “We grew up watching this and now we get to watch it with you too” some 44 years later with our 5 year olds. The Old School Sesame Street shows are a trip. You think you have forgotten certain things about... Read more »

Everything is terrible! Here is some good stuff to counter balance the horrors

I watched Patton Oswalt’s new stand up recently.  It was really good.  I cried and laughed and shook my head and marveled at how he can turn his pain and laughter through pain into something we can all relate to. Among his many gems he did a bit about “I wonder how many AA chips... Read more »

Hey Are You Depressed Like Me? Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo Will Cheer You Right Up!

I am in a pumpkin pie pit of Hallmark Holiday movies.  They are terrible.  Yet I cry and cheer and soak it all in because right now we need all the cheer (manufactured though it may be) to get us through.  ALL THE HALLMARK MOVIES ON MY DVR PLEASE. I tend to watch when the... Read more »

Kids Will Absolutely Ruin the Marriage You Once Had

Marriage can be hard in the best of circumstances and without kids.  Kids will absolutely ruin the marriage you once had.  And yet we keeping sticking around and asking for more.  What the hell is the matter with us? “Having kids sent a tornado through your marriage, then made you happy for the devastation. Even... Read more »

On Finding Hope and Joy and Goodness in the Midst of this Terrible World

It seems that there is a lot of terrible awful stuff going on in the world, and there really is.  Like, unbelievable, sob in the corner while clasping your blankie terrible stuff.  Racism, dirty politics, religion used for evil, war, starvation, rape, torture, GUNS GUNS GUNS* just to name a few.  Things that you could... Read more »

Are You a Gilmore Girls Superfan?

When the news hit about a series revival set for Netflix, well, I knew it was time for a GG post.  Are you like me?  Are you a Gilmore Girls Superfan? You could say I’m a superfan.  I know I know it’s super white white homogenous people show but I unapologetically unabashedly love Gilmore Girls.... Read more »

It's Just a Television Series: My Thoughts on the Mad Men Finale

There are far more qualified folks to write about Mad Men than I, yet I’m in mourning so I do what I know to do, I write. I’m clawing my way through the muck this morning listening to a Mad Men soundtrack on Spotify and sobbing my eyes out. People ask me what it is... Read more »

Two Gals Talk TV: Mad Men, The Characters Part 1

Sheila of Mary Tyler Mom and I dive back into Mad Men.  Part one – the Introduction is HERE.  PLEASE go watch that one first and then jump back here. We are talking about Don Draper and Betty (Draper) Francis. Please keep in mind we get carried away with our passion (BIG SURPRISE) and this is... Read more »