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Adorable and Easy Halloween Window Cling Idea Using Glad Press and Seal

Our Nanny Nikki comes up with some very clever, artistic ideas for these kids, but when I got home the other day and saw what they made, I was screaming!  Nikki was screaming! The kids were screaming! I saw what they had done and proclaimed – THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! Nikki said,... Read more »

Tips for Gardening with Little Kids

We have a little yard (that my husband takes immaculate care of) and area for gardening (we all have our own special talents and gardening is not one of mine), so we’ve given our awesome Nanny Nikki (who does have a talent and love of gardening) and the kids free reign of all that grows... Read more »

Because Boys Can Be Ballerinas Too: Expectations of Gender Roles in Small Children

I really didn’t think expectations of gender roles in small children was a big issue but after posting a picture of my kids on a twins forum where both my 4 year old girl AND boy happened to have a barrette in their hair, I was asked this question recently regarding my kids and how they... Read more »

To Every Mom of Small Kids Saying STOP IT - I See You

I see you at Panera telling her to stop dumping the salt in the water. I see you at the park telling him to stop licking the bench – I have one doing that too. I see you in the bathroom telling them to stop smearing whatever that is onto the wall. I see you... Read more »

Holding Hands - Shots of Hope to Carry Us Through

When you need a buddy.
Holding hands. Such a simple act. A touch. A reassurance. A reminder that someone is here. A shot of hope. A jolt of courage. Of love – pure love. This is where I find my hope today. Maybe you too can garner some hope and love here. This is the we. Stronger than fear. Stronger... Read more »

12 Ways Fitbits Should Track Exercise for Moms

I got my Fitbit for Mother’s Day last year.  YES  I asked for it, so don’t even go there. Now, I do a lot of walking.  Commuting to the train, downtown for work, with these kiddos for miles and miles to the parks and everywhere else we go. If it’s warm enough and within about... Read more »

My Face Did Not Always Look Like This and I Blame My Children

We were out on a walk to the park when of course I was taking funny pictures because that’s what we do, when a mistake shot caught my attention. You see it? That little line in between my brows.  The one that reeks of worry and frustration and exhaustion and BEING A MAMA to a... Read more »

3-Year-Olds Are HILARIOUS

Just when I think they cannot get any cuter, they turn three.  And the only thing better than one 3-year-old is two 3-year-olds!  I try my best to keep up with jotting down the funny stuff they do and say and our reactions to it all, but it’s NON-STOP MADCAP MADNESS over here.  This will... Read more »

The Day They Started Talking Back

For so long it was me holding a conversation with them.  Two little babies and their mama.  It was up to me what we talked about and how the questions were answered and really just my stream of consciousness coming out for them to take in. BLESS THEM for having to listen to all my... Read more »

Our Teeny Tiny Twins are Three Years Old

THREE.  Three. 3.  It seems incredible that you have been growing and thriving and on the earth with us for 3 years.  Three whole years.  Our teeny tiny twins are three years old. And the timing is just perfect. It hasn’t gone too fast and it hasn’t gone too slow.  It has gone exactly as... Read more »