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The Summer of Our Kindergartenmoon

When I say I’ve been busy lately, it takes on entirely new meaning. I mean, this Summer I had a list. I had a list of all the places I wanted to take my kids, all the things I wanted to do and see, all the experiences I wanted to have with them before I... Read more »

Astounding Things

I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of using the word astounding too often. That my reaction to things is over the top. That I don’t need to react as strongly as I do to seemingly everyday things and occurrences. But I beg to differ. I hope I am always this blown away by... Read more »

19 Sweaty Yet Joyful Things to do in Chicagoland (or anywhere) with Children

Here’s the truth.  We go on a lot of adventures.  This summer in particular because I have a ton of vacation time that I need to use from work or I lose it, so, yes – we go on a lot of adventures.  And there is a lot of sweating because it is HOT.  I... Read more »

A Road Trip Story: To the Farm!

We were gone two nights and roughly 3 days.  Baby Gum travels everywhere we do.  And donuts.
We’ve done a couple road trips already this Summer.  One was just the kids and I driving up to Michigan to visit my Lynnie’s sister’s farm. I mean a working, living, breathing, breathtaking, dirty, glorious farm. I don’t know who had more fun – the animals, adults or the kids. The road trip part of... Read more »

Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem

I am no poet, but I present for you to enjoy – Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem School is near over, we soon say good-bye, missing our teacher, we (mommy) will probably cry. We had such a great year, we won’t see our friends again we fear. Reassurance comes in the form of water parties and... Read more »