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Everything is terrible! Here is some good stuff to counter balance the horrors

I watched Patton Oswalt’s new stand up recently.  It was really good.  I cried and laughed and shook my head and marveled at how he can turn his pain and laughter through pain into something we can all relate to. Among his many gems he did a bit about “I wonder how many AA chips... Read more »

Attempting to Love This Post-Pregnancy Body

I’ve got problems lately with how I look.  I am not at my best yet far from my worst.  I worked hard to get in the best shape and health of my life before I started in-vitro and getting pregnant.  Now, I’m attempting to love this post-pregnancy body.  And it’s ROUGH. I was talking with... Read more »

There's Never Been Anything So Traumatic as Felicity's Haircut

That would be a great band name. Felicity’s Haircut.  Let me write that down.  I am re-watching Felicity on Netflix right now while feeding and pumping and folding laundry and such because it’s good background and I don’t have to pay absolute attention as I can’t really do that with any show right now –... Read more »

Babies Grow Too Darn Fast

I’m having a hard time letting go.  Hall & Oates are 15 weeks old today and just now out of newborn clothes.  Well, the girl is just now out of newborn clothes and the boy has been out for about 3 weeks now.  He’s the big brother – by 2 minutes.   So,  I’m folding... Read more »

What's That Smell? And Other Party Games

As I sit here I have spit up on my shoulder and pee and poop on my pants.  And no, it’s not mine.  But the glamour doesn’t stop there.  Oh no, there is the smell.  The sour smell of breast milk wafting through the air that I MUST FIND THE SOURCE OF.  Is it on... Read more »