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10 Foolproof Steps to Make a Mom Friend

I MADE A MOM FRIEND TODAY! Because I am now an expert at mom friending, I shall give you 10 foolproof steps to make a mom friend.  You’re welcome. Pay close attention to social media.  When you see pictures pop up on a photographer’s page (who took your family pictures too!) of a cute family that... Read more »

Screwing with my Serenity - aka The Office Move

I was caught off-guard last week by a quick email from a retiring co-worker: Katy, Thank you for your kind words and I am looking forward to a “rocking chair on the veranda” rather than an office chair at a desk. It’s been a pleasure working with you and seeing you grow from a young... Read more »

I Wrote a Funny Comment on a Humans of New York Post and What Happened Next is a GD TRAVESTY

Yesterday I commented on what was a lighthearted Humans of New York post. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and that comment has gotten 12.5 THOUSAND likes and 250+ comments.  Now.  I left that comment just as a joke as I was leaving work yesterday.  What happened showed me that we should all just pack... Read more »

Happy Fancy Pants Big Shot - I Mean Administrative Professionals - Day!

Happy Fancy Pants Big Shot – I Mean Administrative Professionals – Day! Happy I Just Work Here Day. Happy HOW DO YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS Day. Happy Would You Like Cream or Sugar in Your Coffee Day. Happy WHERE IS EVERYBODY?  Don’t Worry, the Admins are Here Day. Happy Joanie Holloway Anything is Possible... Read more »


First I was all OH BUT I LOVE THIS OLD BED AND I AM SO SENTIMENTAL ABOUT IT AND LOOK AT IT.  It’s held up by books.  BY BOOKS! THIS OLD BED. Hand me down with hand me down mattresses from my Grammie (what a broad she was). Eliza is the only one who still enjoys... Read more »

What happened when I stopped asking for permission

Maybe it was being all jacked up on hormones.  Maybe it was the devil science.  Maybe it was that my desire to start a family was so much stronger than what my priorities had been prior to that period of time.  I’m not sure what it was exactly, but there was a point in time... Read more »

Working from home with toddlers is messy beautiful wonderful

Going into my second week of working from home full time (this is temporary – a summer thing) and let me tell you this.  Working from home with toddlers is just like heading into the fancy downtown office!  I am so grateful I even get to do this, and most weeks I’m home Thursday and... Read more »

Coming out from Behind the Stroller - Remember You?

The safety of the big wide bar.  The balance.  The support.  The shield.  The barrier to the world.  The safety net.  The catch all.  The protector and the provider.  The wide berth you are granted as your double wide passes through.  The help kindly passers by afford you on your journey.   The end all... Read more »

Living Life without Reflection

When we moved into our new home, it was standing guard in the bedroom as it has been everywhere we’ve lived the last number of years, but this time around, it was in the way.  Bulky.  Too substantial for the room. It held too much power.  Too much space. And it got me thinking. What... Read more »

It Takes a GD Village

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it takes a village” when it comes to raising kids.  I would like to take it one step further and say it take a GD village.  Just to emphasize how important and fundamental good people around you are when raising your kids.   For someone like me who finds it EXTREMELY hard to... Read more »