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Everything is terrible! Here is some good stuff to counter balance the horrors

I watched Patton Oswalt’s new stand up recently.  It was really good.  I cried and laughed and shook my head and marveled at how he can turn his pain and laughter through pain into something we can all relate to. Among his many gems he did a bit about “I wonder how many AA chips... Read more »

Smack in the Middle of the Fuck-it-Forties

IT IS NEW CLOSET DAY.  We have this oddly shaped closet upstairs in our old Chicago Cape Cod style house that has been impossible to work with so we finally called in experts and there is a man up there right now fixing all my life problems. Well worth the money. This is what’s exciting... Read more »

Bedtime Stalling 101

The best part of the Bedtime Stalling 101 Technique is that I CAN HEAR THEM PLOTTING ON THE MONITOR BEFORE THEY COME DOWN TO MY BEDROOM (where I am – within two minutes of their bedtime – fully set up in bed with snacks and Netflix roaring). So I have about 30 seconds each time... Read more »

10 Foolproof Steps to Make a Mom Friend

I MADE A MOM FRIEND TODAY! Because I am now an expert at mom friending, I shall give you 10 foolproof steps to make a mom friend.  You’re welcome. Pay close attention to social media.  When you see pictures pop up on a photographer’s page (who took your family pictures too!) of a cute family that... Read more »

Wear the Costumes, Save the Day

I admit it. I was hesitant. I thought that they should be wearing their costumes only at home and for certain “costume appropriate” occasions. But I’ve come around as they frequently dive into their costume bin from grandma and friends who keep sending us hand me down costumes. I mean, when is a costume NOT appropriate?... Read more »

How to be Popular and Win Friends in Mom Groups

I have been added to a few online mom groups since I’ve had these babies.  I’m on a couple twin groups and a couple mom groups in Chicago.  I am on a car seat group and a stroller resale group.  I am on a few online garage sale groups.  I’m even on a couple sober... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Simple Pleasures with Little Kids

Today is my favorite. I know, I know.  There’s a lot going on and believe me, I’m weighed down by it all 24/7 just like you, but dammit if what’s right in front of me ain’t too good to be true. The sun was shining this morning in Chicago and as we’ve not had much... Read more »

How Do You Make Two Babies? Love, Hope, and Science Worked 4 Years Ago

It was harmless enough. The babes (not yet four years old) and I were driving back from Woodfield Mall 3 days before Christmas (yes, I lost my damn mind), and as we made the 40 minute drive I was pummeled by relentless questioning starting with: “How do you make two babies?” “Well when two people... Read more »


I thought I was really good at hiding them. I mean they are everywhere.  In every bathroom and toy box and behind and underneath each piece of furniture.  I think they’re squirreled away in their mattresses and in a secret hiding place in the backyard. I mean, I am ashamed of the lengths I’ve gone... Read more »

Camp Mom Goes Into the Woods

This is a cross post blog experiment with dear friend and fellow blogger Sheila from Mary Tyler Mom.  You can read hers HERE. Once upon a time. I wish. It was a glorious Friday morning in Chicago.  The kind that demands you get outside and partake in the fresh air and the beauty that is... Read more »