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Long Live the Neighborhood

I found myself killing time on Saturday in the suburbs.  Specifically, the suburbs where I grew up.  I had my girl in the backseat with me as we were going to a Bridal Shower that wouldn’t start for another 45 minutes – I was hoping she would nap in the car, but you know how... Read more »

It All Happened Here

 We have bought ourselves a new home.  We move the end of May and we will be leaving our teeny tiny apartment.  While I’m super stoked and beyond excited about this new place and all the joy it’s going to bring, there will always and forever be a place in my heart for this place... Read more »


The good news is I may never again buy myself a new pair of shoes.  The even better news is that as we sat in stunned silence looking at each other Monday night, it hit us that it’s over.  Our search is over. It actually happened in a 36-hour period of time.  After seeing roughly... Read more »