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Grab Some Joy

I don’t know about you, but I need something light and fun.  Something to make our hearts a little bit lighter. These two always do the trick.  *HEART EMOJIS*  JOY JOY JOY. Doesn’t get much better or simpler than juiceboxes I cut open and froze to make popsicles for the front stoop. GRABBING THIS JOY.... Read more »

Long Live the Neighborhood

I found myself killing time on Saturday in the suburbs.  Specifically, the suburbs where I grew up.  I had my girl in the backseat with me as we were going to a Bridal Shower that wouldn’t start for another 45 minutes – I was hoping she would nap in the car, but you know how... Read more »

6 Years of Marriage Feels Like Forever

How in the world has it only been 6 years?  This 6 years of marriage feels like forever in the best possible way.  Like we’ve always been together. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other most of our adult lives, even when we took that little 12 year break and many other turns to get... Read more »


First I was all OH BUT I LOVE THIS OLD BED AND I AM SO SENTIMENTAL ABOUT IT AND LOOK AT IT.  It’s held up by books.  BY BOOKS! THIS OLD BED. Hand me down with hand me down mattresses from my Grammie (what a broad she was). Eliza is the only one who still enjoys... Read more »

When the SHOULDS get too loud

Holiday break is coming to a close. We haven’t had our normal schedule for two weeks. This, in theory, sounds lovely each year and I’m very fortunate my work gives us this time off. But by the end of the two weeks I am CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get back to routine. I am... Read more »

Hand-Me-Downs are Magical

If you were to look around our home, our yard, our kids, you would find so many gifts.  So many items that were generously given to us by our families and our friends.  It’s shocking really, how much of our lives are supplemented, bolstered, held up by our friends and families. That extends far beyond... Read more »

Not the most perfect house on the block

We landed in a vat of chocolate with this new house.  I mean, sure it flooded a month after we moved in and we had to replace half the roof already, but who doesn’t have some immediate problems when they move in, am I right? We’ve fixed the problems and know what we are dealing... Read more »

Tuesdays with Chicago

Taking advantage of a beautifully sunny Chicago morning, I ventured toward the DMV to change my address to my brand new license! Lo and behold when the questions came, the same old panic hit, but after a moment, with a clear conscious I could answer with nothing to hide.  With no lines and no trouble,... Read more »

Best Summer Ever

The bare feet. The beautifully exposed fat thighs. The grilling out several times a week. The grabbing the stroller or the wagon and walking to the park. The parks.  All the parks. The sun kissed faces and shoulders and arms.  The mom-tan. The discovery of new things and people every single day and how I... Read more »

When the rains don't stop

There was a DERECHO in Chicagoland on Monday night. Oh sure, everybody overreacts to weather and OMG the sky is falling and it’s always the worst storm ever, but this was for real shit.  This was no kidding, streams of water through our yard and down our stairs into a drain that couldn’t possibly handle... Read more »