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Guns and the Definition of Insanity

I was texting with a mom recently about a play-date we are arranging and it never ever escapes me that I have this conversation now pretty regularly with other parents if we are visiting or they are visiting our home. This is not our parents playdate. Hell, our parents didn’t even know what a playdate was,... Read more »

Just because I'm not shouting doesn't mean I don't rage

We with the tender hearts. It hurts to watch.  To listen.  To read.  It hurts my tender heart to feel the hate and the fear in the words behind the snarled teeth and the overbearing gestures.  The shots fired and received.  The venom and the sharing of it wide and far. My heart was not... Read more »

I’m angry but I’m still here. Stand with me.

This is a guest post from my friend Terry.  We’ve known each other for a few years now and have a kind of connection that is rare.  We both believe in spreading kindness, empathy and hope as much as possible and I value his point of view enormously.  I believe you will come away from... Read more »

Love is Love is Love is Love is Love

You would think we were past this.  I certainly did.  You would think we wouldn’t need to shout it out from the rooftops that love is love is love is love, but we do.  We continue to promote our agenda of love and acceptance in all it’s forms and colors and shapes and sizes and... Read more »

Long Live the Neighborhood

I found myself killing time on Saturday in the suburbs.  Specifically, the suburbs where I grew up.  I had my girl in the backseat with me as we were going to a Bridal Shower that wouldn’t start for another 45 minutes – I was hoping she would nap in the car, but you know how... Read more »

On Finding Hope and Joy and Goodness in the Midst of this Terrible World

It seems that there is a lot of terrible awful stuff going on in the world, and there really is.  Like, unbelievable, sob in the corner while clasping your blankie terrible stuff.  Racism, dirty politics, religion used for evil, war, starvation, rape, torture, GUNS GUNS GUNS* just to name a few.  Things that you could... Read more »

I am a Mom and I am Pissed off about Guns (AND SWEARING A LOT ABOUT IT)

It is time.  It is well past time.  I am tired of being afraid to speak up about this for fear of the fallout.  I am tired of kowtowing and trying to respect the other side of this, when they truth is, the other side isn’t trying to respect us concerned moms with kids in... Read more »