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Unexpected Kindness

This is a guest post from my own Little Mama.  You can read her other guest posts HERE. I’ve been thinking recently about the loveliness of unexpected kindness. When someone does something so sweet, so unexpected, so deliciously surprising—for you—isn’t it just the best? I’m the sort of person who likes to feel she doesn’t... Read more »

10 Reasons to Love Libraries

We live smack in the middle of two libraries within walking distance.  I feel like I am the QUEEN OF THE WORLD.  Now.  I’ve always been a fan of libraries, who hasn’t right, but now that I have kids WELL free educational fun?  SIGN US UP. 10 reasons to love libraries! THEY ARE FREE.  I... Read more »

Fathers I Have Known

The following is a guest post from my own little mama. She’s got the goods. ——————————– I’ve been thinking recently about fathers I have known, their similarities and their differences. My mother’s father, my grandfather, comes to mind. Unfortunately, I never got to know him, because he died before I was born. One of the... Read more »

That is Why I Teach

This is another installment in the guest post series by my family.  This is my little mama writing again, because she has always been a great writer and she’s always been a great teacher in some capacity.  Many many kids have benefited from her teaching and her kindness through her many years.  She has so many stories... Read more »

Important Things: From a Mom to Her Children

I’m honored to have another Guest Post from My Little Mama today. I’ve been thinking about things, important things, that I hope my two children (and now six grandchildren) have learned or will learn from me. The first thing that comes to mind is kindness. For me, most other things have to get in line... Read more »

Snapshots and Memories

Today we have a very special Guest Post from my Little Mama.  I told her she could have free reign and write about anything she wanted to, and this is what she chose.  She’s always been an evocative, thoughtful and beautiful writer and I’m honored she agreed to share with us here.   Hopefully she’ll... Read more »