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For all this I am thankful - but mostly for pie

For the child coming out of an hour long floor hockey class proclaiming in all seriousness, “WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT THAT WHOLE TIME”,  solidifying forever that she’s my kid. For the child who acts like a 45 year old man asking, “DOES HE NEED A NEW ROOF? HOW CAN WE MAIL HIM A NEW... Read more »

Tips for Gardening with Little Kids

We have a little yard (that my husband takes immaculate care of) and area for gardening (we all have our own special talents and gardening is not one of mine), so we’ve given our awesome Nanny Nikki (who does have a talent and love of gardening) and the kids free reign of all that grows... Read more »

Hot Takes from 4-year-olds: They said what?

I know there are a lot of heated arguments and opinions flying about and you’re tired of all the think-pieces and what else can anybody add to the mix?   We’ve got a real controversial opinion floating around our home lately. You may be shocked to hear what they say, but just listen all the way... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Avocado Toast

That’s right, I’m bringing TILT back!  Things I Love Thursday is back in the house! Now, I cannot promise I will be able to do it every week, but enough of you have told me you miss it for me to want it back as well. So, without further ado, I give you – Avocado... Read more »

40-something women: Lend me your previously pierced in several places ears

Yeah, I’ve got some piercings that have closed up.  But if you look closely, you see it’s still there. And if I pushed hard enough, an earring would fit right through there with a bit of pain.  Just like old behaviors. Open them back up and they have to heal all over again.  I got... Read more »

My very first skirted swimsuit arrived today and I'm thrilled to be entering this phase of my life

I have arrived.  I have arrived at this place of being tickled and pleased that I ordered a skirted swimsuit and when it arrived and I tried it on, I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  I like it so much I did a little photo shoot last night in my bedroom. The best... Read more »

On Finding Hope and Joy and Goodness in the Midst of this Terrible World

It seems that there is a lot of terrible awful stuff going on in the world, and there really is.  Like, unbelievable, sob in the corner while clasping your blankie terrible stuff.  Racism, dirty politics, religion used for evil, war, starvation, rape, torture, GUNS GUNS GUNS* just to name a few.  Things that you could... Read more »

I am really good at peeling oranges

You know the ones.  The cuties. The little mandarins that are probably genetically modified (HORRORS) or bad for us in some way – please spare me – to be easier to peel for kids. Not my kiddos yet though.  They need me to peel them still.  AND SO I PEEL. I peel and I peel... Read more »

Damn, I look good in this swimsuit

Our next door neighbors have a pool.  Both the mom and the teenage daughter are outside in the pool and just walking around their yard devil may care in their swimsuits all the time.  And I am in awe.  You see as far back as I can remember, to when I was a young girl,... Read more »

I am the Woman with Two Screaming Toddlers on the Train

  I know I’m begging to be railed on (get it) by writing this post.  I am the woman with the two screaming toddlers on the rush hour train.  Direct all your rage toward me.  I understand.  I’ve been where you stand.  I’ve seen moms and dads struggling to keep kids occupied and quiet whether... Read more »