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19 Sweaty Yet Joyful Things to do in Chicagoland (or anywhere) with Children

Here’s the truth.  We go on a lot of adventures.  This summer in particular because I have a ton of vacation time that I need to use from work or I lose it, so, yes – we go on a lot of adventures.  And there is a lot of sweating because it is HOT.  I... Read more »

Bedtime Stalling 101

The best part of the Bedtime Stalling 101 Technique is that I CAN HEAR THEM PLOTTING ON THE MONITOR BEFORE THEY COME DOWN TO MY BEDROOM (where I am – within two minutes of their bedtime – fully set up in bed with snacks and Netflix roaring). So I have about 30 seconds each time... Read more »

Try Not to Cry, Mama: Preschool Graduation

My kids are four years old and they are already onto me.  Whenever there is a sappy commercial or they do something particularly sweet, they know if they look into my eyes they will find them already wet with hot tears. They can see it from across the room now and they get a little dimpled... Read more »

Tips for Gardening with Little Kids

We have a little yard (that my husband takes immaculate care of) and area for gardening (we all have our own special talents and gardening is not one of mine), so we’ve given our awesome Nanny Nikki (who does have a talent and love of gardening) and the kids free reign of all that grows... Read more »

Holding Hands - Shots of Hope to Carry Us Through

When you need a buddy.
Holding hands. Such a simple act. A touch. A reassurance. A reminder that someone is here. A shot of hope. A jolt of courage. Of love – pure love. This is where I find my hope today. Maybe you too can garner some hope and love here. This is the we. Stronger than fear. Stronger... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Preschoolers

Our kids have been in the Chicago Park District’s version of preschool since September.  There are 16 kids.  8 boys and 8 girls – including another set of boy/girl twins. Their teacher is Ms. Roxanne.  I’ve heard about her since we moved into this house. She is a straight up legend and hero around these... Read more »

Cozy is a Privilege

Cozy.  The word is evocative of warm blankets and maybe a fireplace with a mug of something warm and sweet.  Gathered with your people or a book or show and possibly some bed pie, something to make you feel warm all over down to your bones.  Safe. My kids have known the word cozy for... Read more »

You thought the election hurt relationships? Try telling people you don't do that damn Elf on the Shelf

Before you start chasing me with pitchforks and torches, let me just say this isn’t your typical, YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS or STOP DOING THIS post.  Aren’t there enough of those out there for like, 800 lifetimes? Emphatically I say it again, unless you are harming yourself or others are under duress because of what you... Read more »

3 Things I Tell My Kids Each Day Before Preschool That I am Trying My Best to Live

When my kids started preschool in September, there was an issue with my boy and a boy in his class.  He was upset because this boy called out that he’s a flapper.  You know, how some kids flap when they’re excited? His cousins took to saying “He flaps when he’s happy.  HE IS FLAPPY!” And then... Read more »

The Trolls Movie (Begrudgingly) Made Me Happy

If you haven’t seen the movie Trolls, or don’t want it to be spoiled for you, stop reading.  If you have seen it or you don’t really mind knowing what happens in advance, let’s go to the movies! My kids will be 4 in January and they said that of all the movies we’ve seen... Read more »