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Twins are Terrific - A Look at Newborn to Two Years Old

I’ve written A TON about my twins. Their milestones and their discoveries. Our triumphs and our sorrows.  Our worries and our celebrations.  I’ve found our experience is very similar to other twin families and therefore we all relate.  It’s pretty awesome. At the end of this post, you’ll find links to major milestones in their... Read more »

The Stinkiest Lovie in all the Land

Once upon a time, we had no kids.  We were blissfully unaware of the smells to come.  We were pregnant with twins and receiving lovely gifts and not really sure what would be lovingly used to death or casually set aside in a pile to give away. WE DIDN’T KNOW. We never knew before these... Read more »

It's a Great Day to be a Toddler!

Whether you love a toddler or you ARE a toddler, man, it’s a great day to be a toddler! BECAUSE: Enormous lovely creatures demand your attention. The world needs more superheroes.  Superpower?  Awesomeness. Apple cider doughnut holes.  These are delicious! Falling leaves and rainboots are the most beautiful free fun.  Follow me! Rockabilly. You get... Read more »

The Extraordinary Everyday Playground

She crossed the bridge!  SHE CROSSED THE BRIDGE!  Without my help and without falling.  She crossed the bridge.  This was last Summer.  She didn’t falter or doubt herself, she just propelled forward and as I held my breath, she crossed the bridge.  She never looked back.  She walked a month after her brother and she... Read more »

5 reasons I love FROZEN. Especially number 4.

We had kids at exactly the right moment.  The moment of Frozen.  Now that my twins are 21 months old, I can safely say we’ve watched this movie approximately 9,548,012 times.  Yet I still cannot get enough.  I may be in the minority, but it’s not in the least bit annoying to me for the... Read more »

To our Nanny on our 1-year Nanniversary

It’s officially been one year.  One year since you walked into our home and invaded every fiber of our life.  We’ve loved you from the start – as reflected in my first piece about you – but it’s grown deeper and wider. Stronger and faster. More protective and more personal. And with that love and appreciation... Read more »

Best Summer Ever

The bare feet. The beautifully exposed fat thighs. The grilling out several times a week. The grabbing the stroller or the wagon and walking to the park. The parks.  All the parks. The sun kissed faces and shoulders and arms.  The mom-tan. The discovery of new things and people every single day and how I... Read more »

All the things I cannot do for my kids

I cannot fix you.  But I can point you in a good direction. I cannot be your savior.  But I can help pick you up when you fall. I cannot be your spiritual guide.  But I can respect your journey as you respect mine. I cannot promise you that life will go exactly the way... Read more »

Working from home with toddlers is messy beautiful wonderful

Going into my second week of working from home full time (this is temporary – a summer thing) and let me tell you this.  Working from home with toddlers is just like heading into the fancy downtown office!  I am so grateful I even get to do this, and most weeks I’m home Thursday and... Read more »

All the ways 18-month-olds are Incredible

My babes are A YEAR AND A HALF TODAY.  Whoa.  They were just blobs not too long ago and now they are absolutely incredible little humans. People tend to say, “oh they are getting so big!” or “stop them from getting any bigger!” As if getting bigger is a bad thing.  That bugs me.  Each... Read more »