I'm sober, a writer, a helper, a mama of b/g twins at Chicago Public Schools. I have great big gratitude. But that doesn't mean I don't rage. I’m for women.

When my husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby, I kept wishing I would just happen upon a baby. Therefore, my original blog titled "I Want a Dumpster Baby" blog was born. All babies are precious and worthy of so much love! 

We wound up having success with in-vitro and had our babies - a boy and a girl - TWINS - on January 7, 2013! So Exciting! THEN the blog name changed to "I Got a Dumpster Family" because, well, I did.

My little big kids go by Bebe and Bubby.  Or Bebe and Gah.  I don't show pictures or share real names of my kids on my blog as I made them a promise before they were born to do my best to protect them and this is one way I can actually do that.

My email is kitkatkootie1@gmail.com