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The Pain We Carry While Reaping Great Joy

I’ve been limping around for roughly a month now.  Physically limping, as opposed to emotionally limping, which seems to happen far more often.  Somehow, I sprained my ankle, though I cannot recall how I did it.  It’s part of me now.  My husband keeps telling me to get a brace or to stay off of it... Read more »

To Every Mom of Small Kids Saying STOP IT - I See You

I see you at Panera telling her to stop dumping the salt in the water. I see you at the park telling him to stop licking the bench – I have one doing that too. I see you in the bathroom telling them to stop smearing whatever that is onto the wall. I see you... Read more »

How to Persist in Kindness while Living in a Culture of Meanness

As we got out of our car last weekend to go to a new tumbling class (which both kids refused to do – but that’s another story), the woman in the car in front of us came over and said, “I’m random acts of kindness-ing you” and handed me a parking meter stub to put... Read more »

Holding Hands - Shots of Hope to Carry Us Through

When you need a buddy.
Holding hands. Such a simple act. A touch. A reassurance. A reminder that someone is here. A shot of hope. A jolt of courage. Of love – pure love. This is where I find my hope today. Maybe you too can garner some hope and love here. This is the we. Stronger than fear. Stronger... Read more »

Wear the Costumes, Save the Day

I admit it. I was hesitant. I thought that they should be wearing their costumes only at home and for certain “costume appropriate” occasions. But I’ve come around as they frequently dive into their costume bin from grandma and friends who keep sending us hand me down costumes. I mean, when is a costume NOT appropriate?... Read more »