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Hard Work Makes a Mother

“Hard work makes a mother. We like to think something magical happens at birth, and for some it does. But the real magic is keeping on, when all you want to do is run.” From Call the Midwife – one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever watched. I didn’t have that magic right away... Read more »

But You Don't Look Like an Alcoholic

As I was squeezing lemons into my water this morning in the office kitchen, a co-worker laughed and asked, “are you making sangria?” I then screamed “NO I AM NOT BECAUSE I AM A RAGING ALCOHOLIC HOW DARE YOU – YOU – YOU IGNORAMUS” and ran out of the kitchen with the sting of lemon burning... Read more »

My 4 Year Old Daughter Asked to Cut Her Hair Super Short

For roughly a year, my daughter has been asking to get her hair cut really short.  I believe it began last year when her twin brother got his first haircut at a real, brick and mortar shop.  She didn’t because I continued to cut her hair.  Just a pageboy, with bangs, and I could still... Read more »

In Defense of Nannies and Their Employers

There was a video making the rounds recently about a dad doing an interview from home when his kids busted in and all hell broke loose.  The mom ran in after the kids and it was precisely what it feels like and looks like working from home with small kids.  The internet had a field... Read more »

Things I Love Thursday - Preschoolers

Our kids have been in the Chicago Park District’s version of preschool since September.  There are 16 kids.  8 boys and 8 girls – including another set of boy/girl twins. Their teacher is Ms. Roxanne.  I’ve heard about her since we moved into this house. She is a straight up legend and hero around these... Read more »

Things moms think about at 5am

I cannot seem to sleep past 5am anymore.  No matter what day it is, no matter if I have to go to work or not, my eyes flip open at about 5am automatically every single day.  Our kids sleep until 6 or 6:30, but there I am, wide awake, full of anxiety and worry and... Read more »