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2016 Was a Flaming Pile of Garbage - For This I am Thankful

I can’t seem to form much in the way of a hopeful end of the year post.  2016 can hit the road and take with it all the awful shit it brought our way.  As god awful as this year has been, I’m also thankful for all the hard work, all the hope, all the... Read more »

A GrubHub Delivery Was the Key to Finding My Christmas Spirit

The water seeped through the kitchen floor from the refrigerator water line to the ceiling of the basement and then flooded the floor.  So the crews came in and did the same thing they did two years ago when we flooded. That time it was from the outside, and this time it came from INSIDE... Read more »

Cozy is a Privilege

Cozy.  The word is evocative of warm blankets and maybe a fireplace with a mug of something warm and sweet.  Gathered with your people or a book or show and possibly some bed pie, something to make you feel warm all over down to your bones.  Safe. My kids have known the word cozy for... Read more »

You thought the election hurt relationships? Try telling people you don't do that damn Elf on the Shelf

Before you start chasing me with pitchforks and torches, let me just say this isn’t your typical, YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS or STOP DOING THIS post.  Aren’t there enough of those out there for like, 800 lifetimes? Emphatically I say it again, unless you are harming yourself or others are under duress because of what you... Read more »