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Hey Are You Depressed Like Me? Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo Will Cheer You Right Up!

I am in a pumpkin pie pit of Hallmark Holiday movies.  They are terrible.  Yet I cry and cheer and soak it all in because right now we need all the cheer (manufactured though it may be) to get us through.  ALL THE HALLMARK MOVIES ON MY DVR PLEASE. I tend to watch when the... Read more »

3 Things I Tell My Kids Each Day Before Preschool That I am Trying My Best to Live

When my kids started preschool in September, there was an issue with my boy and a boy in his class.  He was upset because this boy called out that he’s a flapper.  You know, how some kids flap when they’re excited? His cousins took to saying “He flaps when he’s happy.  HE IS FLAPPY!” And then... Read more »

If You Woke Up Today in Disbelief About the Election Results

I am in shock.  I am entirely saddened.  I am angry and confused and feel like I’ve been duped. Because, as my friend Jane wrote last night: This feels like: Fuck you, women don’t matter. Fuck you, black and brown people don’t matter. Fuck you, non-Christians don’t matter. Fuck you, trans and gay and bi... Read more »

The Trolls Movie (Begrudgingly) Made Me Happy

If you haven’t seen the movie Trolls, or don’t want it to be spoiled for you, stop reading.  If you have seen it or you don’t really mind knowing what happens in advance, let’s go to the movies! My kids will be 4 in January and they said that of all the movies we’ve seen... Read more »

Why this Chicago Cubs World Series is the Hope We Need Right Now

Let’s set aside the fact that it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been here in the World Series.  I mean, A HOT MINUTE Y’ALL. Let’s set aside the decades of heartbreak this team has inflicted on it’s fans. Let’s set aside the notion that there was some kind of curse on this team involving... Read more »