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A Hopeful Halloween

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN MAMA!”, they yell when I walk in their room after they’ve been awake already for almost 2 hours. “Why have you been up for so long already?  Why didn’t you go back to sleep?” Just like those Disney commercials, I  hear, “WE ARE TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP.” I can’t fault them there. I’m pretty... Read more »

Thankful Books: Teaching Gratitude to Kids and Their Grown Ups in 5 minutes a Day

A lot of folks pray, and that’s great.  We don’t pray in the religious sense in our home, but we do stop each night for five minutes to talk about and make note of what we are thankful for.  We have two 3 year olds and we talk about gratitude and thankfulness often in our home. I... Read more »

I Never Wanted Kids

I rarely take taxis anymore, but when I do I get extremely nauseous. The minute I enter, maybe even before my feet hit the floor, the bile rises to my throat before I can ask, “can you please roll my window down back here?” Why do all taxis smell the same?  It’s not an altogether terrible... Read more »

Just because I'm not shouting doesn't mean I don't rage

We with the tender hearts. It hurts to watch.  To listen.  To read.  It hurts my tender heart to feel the hate and the fear in the words behind the snarled teeth and the overbearing gestures.  The shots fired and received.  The venom and the sharing of it wide and far. My heart was not... Read more »