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Sobriety After 15 Years: More Discovery Than Recovery

I say I’m in recovery when really I’m in discovery.  I never had any of the things I claim to have recovered.  Only in sobriety did I find all the things alcohol promised me. October 4th, 2001 is the day I was granted some grace and I chose to receive it.  All I’ve discovered has... Read more »

Planting Ourselves in New Containers

I have this plant in our kitchen that has not been re-planted in about 10 years.  It’s moved to different homes with us and yet, remained stagnant.  No room to grow.  Paused.  Not dead, but not growing.  I mean, how many analogies can I use in this post? I always meant to get a new container... Read more »

Giant Backpacks on Little Bodies - Preschool Begins

ALL I DO IS CRY.  I’m really really good at crying. I cry like it’s my freaking job. We had preschool orientation last night.  Because my husband was there, I held it together as we entered the room after weeks of prepping our kids for “school”.  While my girl has been really excited about making... Read more »


I thought I was really good at hiding them. I mean they are everywhere.  In every bathroom and toy box and behind and underneath each piece of furniture.  I think they’re squirreled away in their mattresses and in a secret hiding place in the backyard. I mean, I am ashamed of the lengths I’ve gone... Read more »

Because Life is Incredibly Sad - We Buy Tiny Bottles of Lotion

There’s a bittersweet tinge to the air right now.  As I weep happy tears scrolling through all the back to school photos, I think of the family I met yesterday at the mall. My girl and I were out on a mama/daughter morning – you know, pancakes out and walking around the outdoor mall.  The... Read more »