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40-something women: Lend me your previously pierced in several places ears

Yeah, I’ve got some piercings that have closed up.  But if you look closely, you see it’s still there. And if I pushed hard enough, an earring would fit right through there with a bit of pain.  Just like old behaviors. Open them back up and they have to heal all over again.  I got... Read more »

Alcohol is a Liar and a Thief

I really only identified out loud as an alcoholic when I quit drinking.  Of course I was one long before that happened, but I didn’t admit it and I certainly didn’t say it out loud, let alone with any kind of the pride I carry today. I had one job 15 years ago.  Don’t drink.... Read more »

How to Register Your Kids for Park District Classes in 35 Easy Steps!

With our twins now 3.5 years old,  we chose to try to get our kids into (get this name) Kiddie College (2 hours, 5 days a week, PERFECT) at the Chicago Park District (like, 8 million dollars less expensive) because regular Preschool around here is a gd crime with how expensive it is and for... Read more »

The Truth About Vacations with Kids

A year ago I wrote this post for my dad’s 70th birthday – Charging into the Atlantic – My Dad and Cape Cod.  Shortly after my whole family read that post and got all fired up about missing the Cape so much, my dad (in a very Oprah like manner) announced that WE WERE ALL... Read more »