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Snapping Bras on the School Bus - It Is More Than "Boys Will Be Boys"

It started about 4th or 5th grade.  I don’t remember when it hit, exactly, but I know I was young.  It seems that my entire “period of growth” lasted from about 10 years old ending only when I entered high school. Riding the bus was a living nightmare.  We lived in a new neighborhood –... Read more »

Kids Will Absolutely Ruin the Marriage You Once Had

Marriage can be hard in the best of circumstances and without kids.  Kids will absolutely ruin the marriage you once had.  And yet we keeping sticking around and asking for more.  What the hell is the matter with us? “Having kids sent a tornado through your marriage, then made you happy for the devastation. Even... Read more »

Long Live the Neighborhood

I found myself killing time on Saturday in the suburbs.  Specifically, the suburbs where I grew up.  I had my girl in the backseat with me as we were going to a Bridal Shower that wouldn’t start for another 45 minutes – I was hoping she would nap in the car, but you know how... Read more »

I Will Still Be Here - Detaching with Love with Hope

You can try to punch me in the face with your fists, but I will still be here. You can nail me to the wall with your words, but I will still be here. You can push me away with all your seemingly crazy behavior, but I will still be here. You can cry and... Read more »

12 Ways Fitbits Should Track Exercise for Moms

I got my Fitbit for Mother’s Day last year.  YES  I asked for it, so don’t even go there. Now, I do a lot of walking.  Commuting to the train, downtown for work, with these kiddos for miles and miles to the parks and everywhere else we go. If it’s warm enough and within about... Read more »

Screwing with my Serenity - aka The Office Move

I was caught off-guard last week by a quick email from a retiring co-worker: Katy, Thank you for your kind words and I am looking forward to a “rocking chair on the veranda” rather than an office chair at a desk. It’s been a pleasure working with you and seeing you grow from a young... Read more »

Being a Mom Means

Being a mom means your glasses are always smudged. Being a mom means your clothes always have peanut butter or cheese or syrup or some mystery goop all over them as you walk around in blissful ignorance. Being a mom means you talk about poop far more than you ever thought you would be ok... Read more »