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They are Getting So Big

How big are you?  SO BIG.  One of the first little games they played with their Grandma and we all cooed and laughed and clapped along with them. People always think they are older than they are.  I hear, “are they five?” often.  And my answer is usually, “they are just three, they are still... Read more »

10 Reasons My Phone Makes Me a Better Mom

Technology – specifically the mobile phone – gets a bad rap from the parenting world.  I don’t know, man.  I’m of the mind that BECAUSE of my phone, I get to be a better mom to my kids. Here are just 10 ways I believe that to be true. I get to work from home... Read more »

I want to be an alcoholic when I grow up

I have this recurring dream.  Just one of many that takes me back to my desperation of being in the throes of my addiction.  I’m in my parent’s basement and in front of the cabinet where they kept their scant liquor bottles.  It’s bound up by one of those plastic tie locks because their daughter... Read more »

My Face Did Not Always Look Like This and I Blame My Children

We were out on a walk to the park when of course I was taking funny pictures because that’s what we do, when a mistake shot caught my attention. You see it? That little line in between my brows.  The one that reeks of worry and frustration and exhaustion and BEING A MAMA to a... Read more »