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Everyone Thinks They Are Failing at Something

Don’t let anybody fool you.  What you see on the outside is often altogether misleading. My friend Sheila wrote this great piece last week – Me and My Elmo Feet  – talking about perception vs reality.  What it means to be a grown up and that she is, after all, a grown up (and a lovely one... Read more »

Hope Comes in the Form of a Brown Baby Doll Named Gum

My girl asked for a brown baby for her birthday, and so, we delivered (the easy way via a bouncing brown baby girl in January. Amid the oooohs and aaaaahs and I LOVE HERs, I asked what would you like to name her? “Baby Gum”, my girl answered without any hesitation. And it’s stuck.... Read more »

These are the Bubble Days of Parenting

Like a warm tide rolling over as I sink into the sand, these days have consumed me. I wake up in the morning and as I roll myself out of bed the realization hits again, as it does each morning, I am their mama. These are the bubble days of parenting. The sweet spot.  The... Read more »

3-Year-Olds Are HILARIOUS

Just when I think they cannot get any cuter, they turn three.  And the only thing better than one 3-year-old is two 3-year-olds!  I try my best to keep up with jotting down the funny stuff they do and say and our reactions to it all, but it’s NON-STOP MADCAP MADNESS over here.  This will... Read more »