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Keep Living Until You Feel Alive Again

I look at my social media memories every morning as part of my checks – Email – Check Facebook – Check Twitter – Check Instagram – Check Neko Atsume – MAN THOSE CATS MUST BE HUNGRY – Check Kids – throw some cereal their way – CHECK Today I looked and saw this – As... Read more »

Running on Fumes - On Being a Woman and Caring for Myself

I didn’t even realize it was happening.  I usually don’t.  It happens every so often when I’m not being diligent.  When I’m less patient with my kids and husband.  When I’m prickly overall.  When I’m eating worse than usual. And I never really eat all that well to begin with.  But this is worse. I... Read more »

Donna Day 2016 - Take all my Money, St. Baldricks!

Today is Donna Day.  This year is the 5th year I’ve written about sweet Donna and her mama.  My previous posts are here,  here and here.  I really loved those posts.  I love them as much today as I did when I wrote them. But it feels like we keep repeating ourselves.  Let’s work to stop that. I know... Read more »

How to use the Public Toilet with Twin Toddlers in 23 Easy Steps

People may tell you it’s harrowing to be out in public as the only adult with two littles when the urge strikes.  But it’s really not. IT IS SUPER EASY! I give you the essential guide.  All you need to know about how to use the public toilet with twin toddlers in 23 easy steps!... Read more »

The Day They Started Talking Back

For so long it was me holding a conversation with them.  Two little babies and their mama.  It was up to me what we talked about and how the questions were answered and really just my stream of consciousness coming out for them to take in. BLESS THEM for having to listen to all my... Read more »

Grant Each Other the Grace to Feel All the Feelings

My back hurts. My heart longs. My brain aches.  I can’t remember shit. My eyes are getting worse each day. My knees are starting to ache. My belly has given up. I fret about money. I worry about cruelty in this world for ALL our kids and animals.  Including all of us adult kids and... Read more »