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I Wrote a Funny Comment on a Humans of New York Post and What Happened Next is a GD TRAVESTY

Yesterday I commented on what was a lighthearted Humans of New York post. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and that comment has gotten 12.5 THOUSAND likes and 250+ comments.  Now.  I left that comment just as a joke as I was leaving work yesterday.  What happened showed me that we should all just pack... Read more »

Cigarette Burned Gloves Remind Me

As we were out walking last weekend – my little family and I – lucky to be all bundled and padded, my girl let out her primal shriek of I HAVE BOOGIES! Which means I scramble to find something to wipe with, most times a kleenex or a burp cloth but today we were winging... Read more »

This Cake Tastes Like Sexism

Here’s the situation.  This picture was posted on a moms group on Facebook and everybody was going crazy gaga love over it.  Like, oh so cute and I LOVE IT and my heart lurched. Why?  Why did my heart hurt when I saw this cake? It’s just a cake, right? And it’s kind of cute... Read more »

Being a Human is Hard - The Golden Rule is SO SIMPLE

It seems as if the world is becoming more cruel every day.  As though people now feel entitled to say and act on the hateful things they’ve been keeping in before.  Hidden.  Because we see it every day in the news now doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been happening, it’s just more exposed now. It’s... Read more »

Some Dude at Fox 32 Telling Women They Shouldn't Wear Hats in Freezing Chicago Weather While On Air

That headline says it all doesn’t it? This article by Robert Feder is making the rounds on my Facebook feed with all my favorite people in Chicago this morning. Dan Salamone, an executive producer at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32, this week told the women who report on “Good Day Chicago” not to wear hats during their outdoor live... Read more »

Our Teeny Tiny Twins are Three Years Old

THREE.  Three. 3.  It seems incredible that you have been growing and thriving and on the earth with us for 3 years.  Three whole years.  Our teeny tiny twins are three years old. And the timing is just perfect. It hasn’t gone too fast and it hasn’t gone too slow.  It has gone exactly as... Read more »