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Next year all our troubles will be out of sight. LIES.

I’m here to give you some gd perspective this holiday season. A pep talk for the holidays. It may not seem like it at first, but stick with me. As I was eating half a bag of starburst last night for dinner, wondering but really knowing that there is no whole foods healthy version of... Read more »

Funny Smart Questions and Observations from Toddlers at Christmastime

They’re not funny questions or observations to them of course. They’re almost three so they question everything. As they should, as we all should. Their wonder is coupled only by their questions and so it balances out.  In fact, you get so used to the non-stop barrage of questions with 2  three-year-olds, that when they... Read more »

I Burned the Heck Out of Some Christmas Spritz Cookies and I am Calling It Tradition

Sundays can be rough with small children.  Hell, they’ve been rough for me as long as I can remember.  Sunday Blues anyone?  Well, I like to have a plan on Sundays to combat all the crazy.  All the end of our rope.  All the anxiety.  SO. Yesterday the plan was to make Christmas Spritz Cookies.... Read more »

Let's Put on a Show!

I was told to act surprised when I got home.  Having received several texts and pictures and videos during the day of them rehearsing, I knew I was in for a bang up production of The Bubby and Bebe Show. I told Nikki* no way was I acting surprised. My boy had begged to put... Read more »

On Finding Hope and Joy and Goodness in the Midst of this Terrible World

It seems that there is a lot of terrible awful stuff going on in the world, and there really is.  Like, unbelievable, sob in the corner while clasping your blankie terrible stuff.  Racism, dirty politics, religion used for evil, war, starvation, rape, torture, GUNS GUNS GUNS* just to name a few.  Things that you could... Read more »