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I Almost Punched a Little Girl at the Library

BUT I DIDN’T.  Don’t call the authorities on me. I am a lover, not a fighter. I mean thank gods for that impulse control we can harness, amiright? OH THIS GIRL. Here’s the scene.  The girl (3 or maybe 4 years old) is at the train table, you know train tracks and about 20 different... Read more »

Are You a Gilmore Girls Superfan?

When the news hit about a series revival set for Netflix, well, I knew it was time for a GG post.  Are you like me?  Are you a Gilmore Girls Superfan? You could say I’m a superfan.  I know I know it’s super white white homogenous people show but I unapologetically unabashedly love Gilmore Girls.... Read more »

To the Woman at the Park Heartbroken with Infertility

To the woman at the park heartbroken with infertility, Thank you.  Thank you for approaching us right away and saying hello. Thank you for asking if they are twins.  YES. Yes they are and they are, “HEY HOW OLD ARE YOU TWO?” “TWO.  WE GONNA BE FREE ON OUR BIRFDAY.” Thank you for NOT immediately... Read more »

You Might be Living with Toddlers if

You might be living with toddlers if: Autocorrect totally harshes your toddler speak mellow. I AM QUOTING MY KIDS AND THEY SAID “FWYFWY” DAMMIT, NOT FRENCH FRY.  And it means butterfly, so not even close.   I need it to be as ducking cute as they are, autocorrect. Get it together already. Everywhere you go... Read more »

The Days Parents Remember and the Days Kids Will Forget

As a parent you have good days and you have bad days.  Some days I parent my kids better than other days. Some days I have more patience. Some days they watch too much Daniel Tiger and Dora and only eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches all day.  Some days my kids are absolute stinkers.... Read more »

I am a Mom and I am Pissed off about Guns (AND SWEARING A LOT ABOUT IT)

It is time.  It is well past time.  I am tired of being afraid to speak up about this for fear of the fallout.  I am tired of kowtowing and trying to respect the other side of this, when they truth is, the other side isn’t trying to respect us concerned moms with kids in... Read more »

My Last Drink was a Bottle of Nyquil 14 Years Ago

It snuck up on me this year.  This Soberthday.  This 14 year anniversary of the day I said ENOUGH and finally stopped all the bullshit lies and asked for help with my alcoholism and then took the help being offered to me seriously.  The day I chose life on life’s terms. That day I walked... Read more »