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To our Nanny on our 2-Year Nanniversary

Two years ago our Nikki came into our lives when our babies were just 8 months old.  3 days a week she is here with our babies, with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We knew from the start that she was talented, kind, funny, smart and had a badass way of just handling... Read more »

24 reasons why 42 is my favorite year

There are lots of reasons I’m diving into my 42nd year on this planet with gusto.  You’re in luck too because I’m going to list them here! I like popcorn. Way too much.  I eat it for dinner a couple nights a week.  Sometimes I eat nachos in bed while watching Friends (just finished the... Read more »

Free for the Taking

I walked into the office kitchen this morning to find this – My immediate reaction was to laugh. My next reaction was to find a bag and a way to sneak it all out. And then I went into the ladies room. And I laughed some more.   I look so normal (I DO COME... Read more »

Charging into the Atlantic Ocean: My Dad and Cape Cod

Even before we got to the car I knew we would be wiping sand from every crevice of our bodies. Even with the baby powder trick.  And I didn’t mind one bit.  It was almost as if we were in the ocean. Of course, we hadn’t been in the ocean, but try telling that to... Read more »

Drink the Fancy Drinks Already

I have these fancy drinks that have been in my fridge for a year.  Over a year technically, but yeah, a year. The lemon ones my best girl brought over and I didn’t drink them that night and so there they’ve sat.  The blood orange one was for Christmas or New Years and I just... Read more »

Dear Dad at the Park Calling Your Son Chicken for Not Wanting to Slide

I can’t get you out of my head.  Rather, I can’t get your boy out of my head. After I heard you say it for the third time, “WHAT ARE YOU CHICKEN?” as your boy was at the top of the slide taking in his options, my blood was boiling. It crushed my heart to... Read more »