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Don't forget this

My alcohol addled brain has forgotten entire chunks of my past.  The blackouts.  That’s incredibly hard for me to reconcile, even though I know there’s no getting it back.  I can only focus on now and going forward and trying to soak it all in and capture. I worry about the forgetting. Even now with... Read more »

On Losing a Beloved Pet and Sharing Grief with Kids

Animal love. Pet love, specifically rescue pet love is almost unbearable. It’s what you take on when you love another living being no matter what. We all die someday. Is it worth the pain?  Yes. Absolutely positively unequivocally yes. Nothing compares.  I wouldn’t wish the pain away.  But damn, does it hurt. Our sweet old... Read more »

10 Simple Ways to Feel Better When Everything Seems Terrible

I am depressive.  I am comfortable in a funk.  I get down and dirty deep and dark and desperate.  I’m not talking about depression that needs to be medicated, but just a period of time where everything is terrible in my own head.  They are two different things, and I don’t pretend that being clinically... Read more »

What it feels like to be an Alcoholic

At first it takes away all your fear.  That drink just warms you all over and suddenly you have confidence and you are the girl you always wanted to be.  All your qualms about being with other people, with men, just vanish. Melt away.  You think you’ve found your golden ticket.  The answer to all... Read more »

All the ways two-and-a-half year olds are INCREDIBLE

My babies are two and a half years old today.  They’ve been on the planet for two years plus a half year.  While you might think that extra 6 months is not a big deal, well my friends, let me tell you all the reasons it is a VERY BIG DEAL. Right now is AWESOME... Read more »

How one hour completely turns my life around to gratitude

What can happen in one hour that is so completely transformative, so entirely life changing, so utterly unbelievable? I walk into a room with other like minded individuals.  We don’t all agree on everything, hell on most things, but on this one thing, we agree we need each other. I walk into a room of... Read more »