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GO WITH THE FLOW: Potty Training Twins

We are on week two of potty training out twins and I must say, it’s going just swimmingly. I mean, the adults are all exhausted from constantly running with them to the bathroom and we are never giving them water or fruit again, but besides that, we are doing GREAT! “OH MY GOD I CANNOT... Read more »

Baby book it: The more things change, the more they stay the same

Motherhood can be isolating and lonely and frustrating – yet at the same time and maybe with a bit of perspective – the best thing ever and most importantly, HILARIOUS. My little mama recently sent me a package in the mail.  She’d found my baby book – the one she put together about me.  I... Read more »

I am really good at peeling oranges

You know the ones.  The cuties. The little mandarins that are probably genetically modified (HORRORS) or bad for us in some way – please spare me – to be easier to peel for kids. Not my kiddos yet though.  They need me to peel them still.  AND SO I PEEL. I peel and I peel... Read more »

This is what happened when I learned to love my imperfect self

At almost 42 years of age, I’m finally comfortable in my own skin, soul, heart and mind. This is what happened when I learned to love my imperfect self. I can look folks in the eye and see them for who they are right at that moment.  There is no wishing they were different or... Read more »

I DON'T WANT TO: A Day in the Life of a Toddler (or two)

I’m a big fan of toddlers.  In my opinion, babies are overrated. Toddlers are where it’s at.  I’ve got two toddlers at home, the very same age, TWO AND A HALF. Chances are one or both of them is going to give us (or each other) grief about something at any given time.  But it’s... Read more »

Fathers I Have Known

The following is a guest post from my own little mama. She’s got the goods. ——————————– I’ve been thinking recently about fathers I have known, their similarities and their differences. My mother’s father, my grandfather, comes to mind. Unfortunately, I never got to know him, because he died before I was born. One of the... Read more »

The Butterfly the Finch and the Dragonfly

Walking from our home to the train, there is a finch on the sidewalk. Decomposing. Deteriorating. Quiet. Walking across the river into the Tower for work, across a long courtyard full of flower boxes and lush, expensive landscaping along the Chicago River, rests a tranquil little minute of an oasis amid the sky rises and... Read more »

The Girl on the Train Made Me Remember: Blackouts are Not Normal

I usually don’t see myself taking a drink.  It’s more the aftermath. The stretch of time between being drunk and what happens next is what is most terrifying.  All of a sudden in what seems like a 5 minute period of time, I’m back on my face with nothing to cling to and nothing to... Read more »

I Say YES to Purple Glitter Nail Polish for all my Kids!

I hold in my hot little hands a small bottle of glitter nail polish.  I think it was $4 at the Walgreens and it is about my most favorite thing right now. Because I know the reaction it will get from both my boy and my girl. Now, when I think back to being a... Read more »