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I Got Nothing Done this Weekend and I Have No Regrets

Going into work on a Monday (or Tuesday this week), the common question is “What did you do this weekend?” or “How was your weekend?” And my answer has always been some version of, “Had a great weekend. We didn’t do very much but it was awesome.” And then I hear about concerts or trips... Read more »

6 Years of Marriage Feels Like Forever

How in the world has it only been 6 years?  This 6 years of marriage feels like forever in the best possible way.  Like we’ve always been together. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other most of our adult lives, even when we took that little 12 year break and many other turns to get... Read more »

The Most Terrifying Words: I CAN'T FIND MY SON

There was a primal roar heard throughout the state of Illinois yesterday. So loud and full of anguish and fear that cars crashed and buildings crumbled and glasses shattered in everyone’s hands. Only no one heard it because nothing came out.Like those nightmares I’ve had my entire life where I’m screaming and no one hears... Read more »

The View from the Side

If you sit on the couch with them while watching a program, you can catch it.  The view from the side.  The profile view.  These two kids who, when head on are adorable and challenging and funny and just spitting images of you and your mate, look like completely different kids.  It’s amazing what you... Read more »

It's Just a Television Series: My Thoughts on the Mad Men Finale

There are far more qualified folks to write about Mad Men than I, yet I’m in mourning so I do what I know to do, I write. I’m clawing my way through the muck this morning listening to a Mad Men soundtrack on Spotify and sobbing my eyes out. People ask me what it is... Read more »

Two Gals Talk TV: Mad Men, The Characters Part 1

Sheila of Mary Tyler Mom and I dive back into Mad Men.  Part one – the Introduction is HERE.  PLEASE go watch that one first and then jump back here. We are talking about Don Draper and Betty (Draper) Francis. Please keep in mind we get carried away with our passion (BIG SURPRISE) and this is... Read more »

We are All in Recovery from Something

I think maybe we are all recovering from the moment we are born.  From the moment we are pushed from that warm, all enveloping, safe space out into this cold, hard world, we are recovering.  Finding our way.  Forging our path.  And the thing is, recovery never stops.  Hopefully. We are all in recovery from... Read more »

You are doing a really good job

Seems like such a simple thing to say, to think, to pass along.  And yet, it seems a lot of us don’t actually hear these words very often.  Or not nearly as often as we need to. As a parent, I tell my kids “good job!” quite often.  They tell each other “good job!”.  They tell... Read more »

Dear Mom: I Get it Now

For all the times you woke up early to make sure we had a good breakfast before school or activities, I get it now.  You packed our lunches and had snacks and dinner ready when we got home.  You wanted us well fed and nourished to be the best we could be that day. For... Read more »