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Having Twins Made My Eyes Go in Two Directions. Literally.

I started joking before they were even born that this would happen.  All twin moms do.  Because you DO need to be looking in two directions at the same time.  While I thought this was simply a metaphor for twin care, it ACTUALLY happened to me.  Having twins made my eyes go in two directions.... Read more »

Reeks of Compassion

You never know who you will find inside the disguise.  The protection.  The armor. Just look in her eyes.  Just smell his breath.  Just try to imagine combing her course twisted hair.  Just think what his skin looks like underneath that layer of grime.  He can’t remember the last time he went to the dentist... Read more »


First I was all OH BUT I LOVE THIS OLD BED AND I AM SO SENTIMENTAL ABOUT IT AND LOOK AT IT.  It’s held up by books.  BY BOOKS! THIS OLD BED. Hand me down with hand me down mattresses from my Grammie (what a broad she was). Eliza is the only one who still enjoys... Read more »

From Homelessness to Parenthood: If This Backpack Could Talk

It’s been used as a pillow and a blanket on park benches and under trees. It’s been used as a closet for your one other set of clothing. It’s been used as a weapon to ward off other homeless folks trying to steal your $.37. It’s been used as a safe for that same $.37.... Read more »

That is Why I Teach

This is another installment in the guest post series by my family.  This is my little mama writing again, because she has always been a great writer and she’s always been a great teacher in some capacity.  Many many kids have benefited from her teaching and her kindness through her many years.  She has so many stories... Read more »

I Just Want to Post Pictures of My Cute Kids and Funny Shit About Cats

I don’t need to debate if God is real or if there is life after death or more importantly, try to CHANGE YOUR MIND.  Your mind is yours, dude. I hold no power there.  Your beliefs are yours and my beliefs are mine.  That’s that.  It’s taken me a long time to accept that, but... Read more »

The Things We Keep

I’m surrounded.  Sitting on the floor in the midst of piles of clothes.  Piles of giveaways and keeps.  Keep for next year if big enough or keep to donate. Keep to give to the sets of boy/girl twins we know or the final pile, the KEEP FOREVER pile. The things we keep. The shoes are... Read more »