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And then you see the change

I have this Timehop app on my phone that a lot of us are using lately and it strikes me in brilliant glaring color that I used to be very sad and angry and bitter.  I used to complain a lot.  I used to judge people.  A lot.  I used to condemn people’s fashion choices... Read more »

All the Things I Would Miss

Being sober for a while, it gets a bit easier to rest on your laurels.  To think that you’ve got this thing licked and that you are just like everybody else. Normal.  Wife, mother, employee, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor. The thing is though, that can all disappear with just one drink.  While that seems... Read more »

Because He's a Good Dad

“ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK!” This is the chant every evening as we climb the stairs to put our 2-year-olds to bed. My husband sighs and hems and haws, but in a joking, loving tone.  He then sits on the floor cross-legged and both babies back up until their bottoms are both in his... Read more »

A Love Note to My Two-Year-Old Twins for Their Birthday

I can’t believe you are two years old.  In my wildest dreams, I never believed I could love anyone so completely and fully and madly and deeply. I’ll tell you a little secret.  Remember when you were born?  That birth story was something.  But here’s the thing, I’m glad you aren’t little babies anymore. While I... Read more »

When the SHOULDS get too loud

Holiday break is coming to a close. We haven’t had our normal schedule for two weeks. This, in theory, sounds lovely each year and I’m very fortunate my work gives us this time off. But by the end of the two weeks I am CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get back to routine. I am... Read more »