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Nature vs Nurture in Twins

“Me, Gah, me!” My girl calls her brother “Gah”.  Not sure why as it has nothing to do with his actual name, but that’s definitely what she calls him.  Our Nanny sent a video of her saying, “Me, Gah, me” as he’s sitting on the big rocker and she wants him to move over so... Read more »

Hand-Me-Downs are Magical

If you were to look around our home, our yard, our kids, you would find so many gifts.  So many items that were generously given to us by our families and our friends.  It’s shocking really, how much of our lives are supplemented, bolstered, held up by our friends and families. That extends far beyond... Read more »

On Days When Sobriety is REALLY HARD

You know the days.  They don’t have to be anything monumentally terrible. They always say, “it’s a broken shoe lace that will get you”, meaning, it’s the little things. It’s not somebody dying or being diagnosed with a terrible disease necessarily that causes us to fall off the rails. I’ve been doing this a while... Read more »

MINE - Addressing Sharing with Toddlers

Welp.  We had a good run.  We had a run with no “MINE” (until they could speak out loud) and no real problems with sharing.  The occasional tussle or smack to the head and a few bites.  Other than that, they’ve been content to share their stuff.  To share their food (well, mostly). To share... Read more »

Unapologetic Gratitude

The kind of gratitude so big you can feel it almost swallow you whole into a cavernous darkness only to shoot you back out into the light.  It almost hurts.  It almost feels as though you will crumble.  From gratitude.  After years of practice, it’s present at all times.  Even when the outlook is bleak... Read more »