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It's a Great Day to be a Toddler!

Whether you love a toddler or you ARE a toddler, man, it’s a great day to be a toddler! BECAUSE: Enormous lovely creatures demand your attention. The world needs more superheroes.  Superpower?  Awesomeness. Apple cider doughnut holes.  These are delicious! Falling leaves and rainboots are the most beautiful free fun.  Follow me! Rockabilly. You get... Read more »

Into the Woods - Life Lessons, Infertility and Magic Beans

ONCE UPON A TIME.  You’re about to be inundated with images from Into the Woods because the movie is coming out soon. Into the Woods is about several different fairy tales meeting up in the woods and the havoc it causes along with life lessons about destruction, heroics, betrayal, family, love and loss. Every life lesson one... Read more »

The Extraordinary Everyday Playground

She crossed the bridge!  SHE CROSSED THE BRIDGE!  Without my help and without falling.  She crossed the bridge.  This was last Summer.  She didn’t falter or doubt herself, she just propelled forward and as I held my breath, she crossed the bridge.  She never looked back.  She walked a month after her brother and she... Read more »

Not the most perfect house on the block

We landed in a vat of chocolate with this new house.  I mean, sure it flooded a month after we moved in and we had to replace half the roof already, but who doesn’t have some immediate problems when they move in, am I right? We’ve fixed the problems and know what we are dealing... Read more »

Hell yeah I am a Feminist and I bet you are too

If I see one more blog or “article” pitting women against each other, I WILL SCREAM.  And yet,  I will see a million more of them.  So I may be doing a lot of screaming.  Because it’s good “clickbait” and gets us all riled up. Except that I don’t click that nonsense anymore (I CERTAINLY... Read more »

Sunday Night Blues

I don’t mind Mondays.  It’s not that.  I quite like Mondays.  For I am a seeker of order and schedules and organization.  Once Monday arrives, I am usually quite content to greet the day and get back to work. However, the Sundays that come before the Mondays.  They are the pits. The Sunday Night Blues.... Read more »

What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?

Let's talk about how these little divided plates for $1 at Target have changed my life.  LOVE.  Scrambled eggs, Banana, spinach, rasperries, toast with jam and almond/coconut milk.
I get lots of “What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?” requests, so this is for you!  And PLEASE.  Keep in mind, this is what WE do for our family.  What you do for your family is perfect.  To each their own. Now that they are almost 2 years old (January 7th — Woot-yay for... Read more »

On Sobriety after 13 years

October 4, 2001 is my sobriety date.  It took several attempts to get here and even more attempts to stay here.  And I’m still not done, for each day I get up and I make the decision that I still want to be sober and I do what’s necessary to stay that way. Back then... Read more »

5 reasons I love FROZEN. Especially number 4.

We had kids at exactly the right moment.  The moment of Frozen.  Now that my twins are 21 months old, I can safely say we’ve watched this movie approximately 9,548,012 times.  Yet I still cannot get enough.  I may be in the minority, but it’s not in the least bit annoying to me for the... Read more »