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Where do mean girls come from?

I never ever like to get up in anybody’s business.  I believe firmly in live and let live and leading by example.  I don’t like to criticize as I truly believe most folks are just doing the best they can every day, just like me.  We all make mistakes and we all fail as humans,... Read more »

What happened when I stopped asking for permission

Maybe it was being all jacked up on hormones.  Maybe it was the devil science.  Maybe it was that my desire to start a family was so much stronger than what my priorities had been prior to that period of time.  I’m not sure what it was exactly, but there was a point in time... Read more »

Tuesdays with Chicago

Taking advantage of a beautifully sunny Chicago morning, I ventured toward the DMV to change my address to my brand new license! Lo and behold when the questions came, the same old panic hit, but after a moment, with a clear conscious I could answer with nothing to hide.  With no lines and no trouble,... Read more »

The plight of the sensitive being

Everything is raw.  It’s too much.  Every single thing feels so incredibly fragile that it all may crumble at any second.  It’s closing in and you feel as though you may collapse under the weight of the collective doom.  There is no filter, no bandage, no anesthetic to help you cope when you are a... Read more »

You looked kind of drunk

“You looked kind of drunk in that picture you sent me last night.” My husband casually said that the next day and I didn’t think anything of it. Kind of laughed it off.  Until we were out for a walk with our twin toddlers and it hit me. “Did you seriously think I was drinking... Read more »

The elusive true female friendship

LYNNIE!  It’s your 50th Birthday! How could we possibly have known that fateful day all those years ago when you sat down at the cube next to me where we would be all these years later? Think of all that’s happened. Relationships. I ended a longtime relationship and found my true love. My real love.... Read more »