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Damn, I look good in this swimsuit

Our next door neighbors have a pool.  Both the mom and the teenage daughter are outside in the pool and just walking around their yard devil may care in their swimsuits all the time.  And I am in awe.  You see as far back as I can remember, to when I was a young girl,... Read more »

A Post Mortem on Breastfeeding Twins

As I was squeezing my breasts into the bathroom sink (all the glamour), it hit me. He’s done. I’m done. The last direct bodily connection to me nourishing him is going away. So I cried. As I cleaned out my lingerie chest last weekend and got rid of all of stretched out, torn, broken nursing... Read more »

Coming out from Behind the Stroller - Remember You?

The safety of the big wide bar.  The balance.  The support.  The shield.  The barrier to the world.  The safety net.  The catch all.  The protector and the provider.  The wide berth you are granted as your double wide passes through.  The help kindly passers by afford you on your journey.   The end all... Read more »

I am the sober mom

It would seem I’m in the minority.  It would seem I am alone in the sea of cute bedazzled wine glasses and happy hours with pedicured feet, beer cozies and a pool view. I am the sober mom.  I am a mom and I don’t drink.  I am the mom who CANNOT drink.  For you... Read more »

All the ways 18-month-olds are Incredible

My babes are A YEAR AND A HALF TODAY.  Whoa.  They were just blobs not too long ago and now they are absolutely incredible little humans. People tend to say, “oh they are getting so big!” or “stop them from getting any bigger!” As if getting bigger is a bad thing.  That bugs me.  Each... Read more »

When the rains don't stop

There was a DERECHO in Chicagoland on Monday night. Oh sure, everybody overreacts to weather and OMG the sky is falling and it’s always the worst storm ever, but this was for real shit.  This was no kidding, streams of water through our yard and down our stairs into a drain that couldn’t possibly handle... Read more »