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Let Me be Sad - Sad is Okay

I’m sad.  I’m listening to sad music and luxuriating in the darkness. Today is the last day of riding the CTA Brown Line train into the Loop for work from our apartment.  We will still be living in the City of Chicago, but will take a different train and a different route.  And it will... Read more »

Easy does it

Long term sobriety is a marathon, not a sprint.  That’s as close to a running metaphor as you’ll ever hear me spout.  I’ve got a few 24 hours going here, but at times it can feel as though I’m just starting out.  Fumbling, clawing, grasping for calm, cool and collected.  Groping for the wisdom to... Read more »

10 Ways Toddlers are Just like Tiny Alcoholics

I’m a recovering alcoholic.  I have two toddlers.  My world is pretty much full of drunks (both active and sober) and toddlers and I find this oddly comforting as they’re my favorites. Have you ever said no to an alcoholic?  Saying no to a toddler is oddly similar.  Neither cares for the word “no” very... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: You are the Most Qualified

ChicagoNow bloggers are joining forces today in support of new moms as they celebrate their first Mother’s Day.  You can find all those posts right here.   Dear New Mom, Wait, scratch this letter thing.  I’m coming over. I’m here.  I’m here so let’s chat while you feed that perfect baby.  I’m gonna kick everybody... Read more »