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It All Happened Here

 We have bought ourselves a new home.  We move the end of May and we will be leaving our teeny tiny apartment.  While I’m super stoked and beyond excited about this new place and all the joy it’s going to bring, there will always and forever be a place in my heart for this place... Read more »

Snapshots and Memories

Today we have a very special Guest Post from my Little Mama.  I told her she could have free reign and write about anything she wanted to, and this is what she chose.  She’s always been an evocative, thoughtful and beautiful writer and I’m honored she agreed to share with us here.   Hopefully she’ll... Read more »

Joy Suckers Suck

Chances are you know a joy sucker.  Or perhaps YOU are a joy sucker. They will take what seems to be great glee in crushing you.  In taking what is a happy moment for you, or a happy existence, and crushing it to the ground. The thing is, they can’t do that without your consent.... Read more »

The Look that all Moms Know

I cry a lot these days.  It’s a big ol’ hot mess of a mom-cry.  My girlfriend and new mom has started using this phrase, “Momotional” and I have to say, it’s perfect.  I am struck down by the awesomeness and the wonder of what being a mom has meant to my life and my... Read more »


The good news is I may never again buy myself a new pair of shoes.  The even better news is that as we sat in stunned silence looking at each other Monday night, it hit us that it’s over.  Our search is over. It actually happened in a 36-hour period of time.  After seeing roughly... Read more »

Life after Infertility

Let’s say you were told you couldn’t have children. You were convinced it might not happen and you were open to adoption or other methods if it came to that.  But you had to try.  After being poked and prodded and hormoned up all over the place, you got pregnant.  And not just pregnant, but... Read more »

26 Very Important Things I Learned in College

College is only 4 years out of our hopefully long lives, so why does it play so prominently into the rest of our lives?  I mean, I’m not a sports gal, so I have no real allegiance to any team like so many of my weirdo friends do. Why does it still pop up in... Read more »

Being Sober and Taking a Drink is NOT the End

I don’t like the “r” word.  This word rehabs (another “r” word) want us to use is “relapse”.  I hate that word and I hate the notion that everybody relapses.  They don’t.  They don’t have to.  It’s not part of sobriety or recovery.  It’s not.  Let’s call it what it is, if you are sober... Read more »