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Donna Day 2014

When I first read Donna’s Cancer Story, about 2 and a half years ago, I hadn’t yet met Sheila (aka Mary Tyler Mom).  I hadn’t yet had babies.  I wasn’t pregnant, but longed to be so badly.  I was facing a life without being able to get pregnant due to infertility.  I had a child... Read more »

Missing a Pet - 1 Year Later

We still expect him to be there meowyelling when we walk in the door. Eliza Jane Doolittle still looks over her shoulder to see if he’s racing up from behind to steal her treats. I got flowers from my Dad for Valentine’s Day and I’m able to keep them out as I don’t have a... Read more »

Who is Your Mom?

By definition, your mom is your caregiver.  She carried you inside her or she wanted you so badly that she asked YOU to be her baby.  From your very first breath – or wherever you met on your journey – to your dying day you will feel her presence, even long after she is gone.... Read more »

Helpful House Hunting Tips

My dear sweet husband and I are house hunting.  GET OUT.  No you get out.  I KNOW.  Crazy, right? Now, while it’s terribly exciting to think of living somewhere that actually allows my babes more than a few feet to circle like caged beasts, it’s also terrifying and stressful and panic inducing. SO, while my... Read more »

You are Our People - An Ode to Our Magical Nanny

Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when we are up in the morning, ready to play play play, you swoop in with your magic bag and your gentle voice and your smile that lights up the whole block. We are sad to see Mommy and Daddy go, but we know we are absolutely safe with you... Read more »

Stroking Your Scars

We all have scars. I have a small line at the bottom of my stomach from a last minute C-Section that birthed two beautiful babies a year ago.  I stroke that perfect scar often and reflect.  I relish this scar.  I remember exactly where I was and vaguely remember what happened.  I remember the pain... Read more »

On Being Completely and Utterly Sad

Everybody wants you to STOP BEING SAD.  Get happy!  Smile!  Screw that.  If I need to feel sad, I feel sad, because in order to truly feel happy, I need the darkness.  I’m just sad today.  And that is OK.  This sadness defies logic. It needs no real reason to creep in and take over... Read more »