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You are Not Special Every Day

Growing up, we had this plate. I relished getting this plate.  I looked forward to dinner to see who received the red orb of greatness but more so to hear why.  This red beacon of remarkableness that was a coveted treasure when arriving at the dinner table any given evening of the week.  If it... Read more »

The Scent of Sadness

Just when you need it, just when you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself for some petty reason, a smell enters your nasal cavity unlike any other and without having to look up you know.  You are immediately acquainted with the scent of sadness. You know intuitively that a homeless person is on the... Read more »

When They are Sick

When they are sick, you want nothing more than for them to feel better. When they are sick, you would gladly take their place. When they are sick, you go to extreme measures to soothe and reassure. When they are sick, you stay home from work to suffer along with them. When they are sick,... Read more »

Elmo and the Twins Party Down

The First Birthday Party is in the books!  My Mother-in-Law teased that I went a bit overboard on the party nonsense – Elmo and Abby Cadabby EVERYTHING – but hey, I only get to do a 1st Birthday once and I went all out in my own way.  These babes love Sesame Street. Yes, we... Read more »

Happy First Birthday to My Twins

One year ago I posted this picture.  My shortest and most viewed post to date.  We used their faces as newborns because they all look alike, right?  WINK. Here we are.  One year later.  Can you believe it?  I actually can as I feel like this year hasn’t gone too quickly or too slowly, it’s been... Read more »

Hi. My Name is Katy and I'm a Grateful Alcoholic

I’m re-sharing  a piece I wrote a while ago, back when I started my blog, with a few updates given our changed situation since I first wrote this a few years ago.  It’s basically like a lead in AA (sharing your experience, strength and hope), but with a few things left out that are only... Read more »

The 6 Best Jobs for 1-Year-Olds

We’ve been polishing up resumes over here as it’s almost their 1st birthday and let’s be honest, they need to start contributing.  Without going into too much career testing, because who has time for that really, we’ve come up with the 6 best jobs for 1-year-olds based on their natural skills and inclinations. Ahem. Taste... Read more »